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Special Events


X-Emplary Info

The Process

Each month a rotating committee will be responsible for bringing together a selection of 3 nominees for each of the X-Emplary Awards. This committee will be comprised of one Powerbase member, as well as two players. Each person will bring forward two nominees for each award, and then the committee will debate and discuss those (potentially) six players and their merits until they have eliminated all but three. Those three will be placed on the ballot. The only exception to this is the Hola Chico v Deathwish Memorial Monster Match Award. This Award's nominees are determined by the winners of the Match of the Card Awards that are given out following each card of the month.

Once the nominees are presented to the federation every character is entitled to one set of votes. Typically you have between three and four days to get the voting submitted, and to indicate whether or not your character is available to work as a presenter for the Awards Ceremony.

Once the votes are counted, the Director of Events will notify the federation of the details involved with the Awards Ceremony. Typically it is held in unique and interesting locations, and often there are themes that require some research or effort in order to prepare your roleplay.

The X-Emplary Awards

M.X.P.Most X-Ceptional Performer, you should expect to see some symmetry between this award's nominees and the weekly award winners. Awarded to the player who most exemplified everything that Federation X should be: fantastic roleplaying, great selling, championship form and dedication to the company. The player who obviously did the most to make Federation X better that month.

FEDEXAwarded to the player who delivered the best mic work on a consistent basis all month long. While IC performance can be a factor in this, it should also reflect the posting activity and effort on an OOC level.

HARBINGERAwarded to the best newcomer to the company this month. Nominees cannot have spent more than seven weeks in the company. Team CAN be nominated if they arrived at the same time.

STRANGER XIt was arguably the greatest angle ever created, and remains the measuring stick of great angles. It should engage a wide variety of players and threaten to transcend the IC roleplay. Awarded to the person who created and incited the most original, or best angle of the month.

DIVINE INTERVENTION TAG TEAM UNITYNamed for one of the most effective tag teams ever comprised, this is all about teamwork. Awarded to the best tag team of the month. Championship success is a consideration, but more important is how well the members worked as a team and remained focused on that aspect of their characters.

HOLA CHICO v DEATHWISH MEMORIAL MONSTER MATCHThis is a high standard to measure up to, because our months are filled with sensation match-ups. Winners should really stand out for their exceptional story telling, heightened action and plot advancement. Awarded to the participants of the best card match of the month. Chosen from the Match of the Card winners throughout the month.

X-DOMINANCEAwarded to the champion(s) whose reign this month made it clear that they were in fact the best champion(s) in the fed. The player who did the most with his or her time at the top.

ALISTERFIEND MEMORIALAwarded to the performer who executes the most impacting, entertaining or unexpected post of the month. Swerves, shocks, or the most memorable moments all apply.

THE ETERNAL HERONamed for Gilgamesh, this award honors the best of the faces. The winner should be everything that exemplifies a good guy.

THE BARON VON CHAOSNamed for former World supplanting dictator and environmental terrorist Straud Von Chaos, this award honors the blackest of the black hearts. The winner should be everything that exemplifies a heel.

FEUD OF THE MONTHGot HEAT? This award goes to those special performers who know how to take center stage with a rivalry that has depth and substance and keeps everyone watching. The best feud of the month is fairly self explanatory.