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Special Events


The Rules


These are the policies for FEDERATION X. READ them and KNOW them. Ignorance is NOT an excuse! Everything you need to know about FEDERATION X and the way we expect things to run is in here. There are some things about this federation which you will find VERY different from anywhere that you have been before, and if you do not read the policies it will be evident to everyone else that you didn't. You especially will need to read the following clauses, which will be very different from what you are used to:

Moving Chain

...Posting Guidelines...

Moving Chain

Continuation Clause

During all card matches or any event specially noted to be graded on the Federation X Performance Formula, you have to allow two hours to pass after you have posted before you may post a continuation off of yourself.

In Tag Team matches, your team is allowed to post once from each member off of each other. Meaning Wrestler A and B are on a team. A can post and then B can post. But now they each have to wait the mandatory two hours before they can post again, unless one of their opponents post before that time expires.

This rule doesn't effect fed wide RP events, only events in which scoring will be an issue.

Hate Propaganda

This is very simple folks. HATE PROPAGANDA is NOT TOLERATED.

With that said, we recognize that many of you take liberties with this in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion, and as long as we receive no direct or genuine complaints about it, we will permit some characterization. If we feel that it is becoming detrimental to the game, we will step in and put a stop to it. We also caution that if you play a character who creates scenarios that invite certain words or characterizations to be used, you cannot expect us to police the reponse that you get.


OOC Posting

DO NOT abuse the ADMIN Board. Use it as another tool of the game, not your ranting box. This board is another tool to help you better yourselves, so use it as such. If you have any relevant questions for us or any other players, this is the place to ask them. Keep the trash talking to a minimum. If you feel the need to go into an out of character rant, then do it over email or instant messaging. Keep it off the boards.

It is NOT your personal bitch box.

It is NOT a place to ARGUE with other players or commissioners.

It is NOT a place to bad-mouth other players or staff.

OOC seen on the Roleplay Board will be read as follows by your commissioners, regardless of what you wrote:

"I am too stupid to play in Federation X, so please delete me."

Personal Information

Do NOT use someone else's real name or private information and or other character name, including any other alter egos they may have.

YOU MAY disclose your own information if it is relevant to Federation X.


Our policy here in FEDERATION X is that we will give the player a lot more leeway on language than the places they're used to playing, but we expect to see this latitude challenged wisely. Don't go overboard and take advantage of it. As we have control over who gets in, and it isn't an open game, we allow a lot of things other places won't or can't. Enjoy your freedom, but be prepared for a private conversation if we feel you have pushed the envelope too far, and be prepared to respect the line when we choose to draw it. This means you MAX!

No words are currently banned.


Statements assaulting somebody's religion or creed are covered under Hate Propaganda.

Understand that if you are playing a religious character then you open the door for us to allow a certain amount of interaction of religious nature from your peers. In short they will be given a touch more latitude in this event.

Roleplay Violations

Do NOT publicly accuse players of breaking rules on the Admin Board.

You MAY, and we would like for you to, privately email us about any and all rules violations you are aware of.

Sexual Acts

DO not go into graphic detail about sexual encounters. Explicit sexual references will NOT be tolerated. Having said that, as is the nature of playing in FEDERATION X you will find that we allow a certain amount more leeway than most games. This extends to very suggestive, and occassionally descriptive material.

YOU may role-play a sexual lifestyle and poke fun at sexuality (for example we all know that Johnny XS only sleeps with girls of legal age.) Teasing about fictitious, NON-explicit stories or storylines will be permitted. If things start getting too graphic then we will put a stop to it. As always, our first course of action will be private contact in the event that we are concerned about the boundaries you are testing.

As a general guideline to follow, if you have to stop and think... "Is What I'm about to post going over the line?" ...then don't post it. Any questions on this, ask a member of the Powerbase.

This goes for any picture you might post as well! Free porn is great, but not on our boards.


DO NOT post one-liners. Short flashes we might make exceptions for, but they work against you because Krusher is under direction not to count them towards your activity scores each week. DO NOT flash 7 different parts of the same flash on the flashboard or flash similar flashes repeatedly.

If you need more explanation, you don't belong here.

Violent Crime

No MURDER of player characters or FEDERATION X staff, without prior consent from the PC controller or The Powerbase.

With regards to non-player characters, you are free to do what you choose. Of course we are also free to then expect that the repercussions will be equally challenging for you. Ken Patera went to jail for years for assaulting a police officer. Do you really think you can shoot somebody and not go to jail?

Be careful how you test our limits regarding key violent crimes. You may not like the reaction. You may argue that it is 'in character' but our reponse can be 'in character' and be equally difficult for you.

Everything Else

DO NOT talk directly about flashboard spelling/grammar, or make fun of another player's reality on the flashboard.

DO learn how to spell and be literate.

If you have a beef against another player, be creative. You can get the same job done without an outright degrading verbal lashing, although you wouldn't know it by reading Max's posts.

DO NOT use us (us being...Grayson,Krusher, Living Deadgirl, Malcolm Reynolds, Psycho Mantis or Von Braun) in roleplays unless you e-mail or IM us and get our permission to do so first, or unless we have placed ourselves in a position to rp with you on the boards. Any infractions of this will be dealt with through a warning first and then suspensions for subsequent actions. We take this part of the policy very serious so please pay attention to what you are doing.

Moving Chain

...Sim Guidelines...

Moving Chain

Daily Matches

All daily matches may be used, or not used as the player prefers.

You may not use more than 2 non standard matches/day (unless a card says otherwise.)

Sim Strategies

Each wrestler 'type' comes with advantages and drawbacks. Your job is to figure them out.

The exception to this rule are Balanced Athletes, who have no advantages and no drawbacks. They are slightly above average in each match type.

Each other 'type' has three matches in which they excel. One in which they dominate, one in which they excel, and one in which they're above average. They also have three matches in which they suffer. One in which they're terrible, one in which they're bad and one in which they're below average.

If you can figure the matrix out, you can improve your performance on the Sim.

Standard matches assign no penalties or bonuses.

The only other impact factor on the SIM is your recent activity. Each wrestler has a Sim Bonus based on their prior week's Activity Adjustment. Don't confuse the bonus with the adjustment!!

Those efforts are judged not simply on total number of posts, but also on total days active.

For each quality post they had above 8 in a week, they receive a +1 to their activity adjustment. For each one below 8, they receive a -1 to their activity adjustment.

For each day above 6 that they are active they receive a +1 to their activity adjustment. For each one below 6 they receive a -1 to their activity adjustment.

The Sim Bonus is then derived as follows:

-14 0
-12 to -10 1
-7 to -9 2
-4 to -6 3
-1 to -3 4
0 to 3 5
4+ 6


Newcomers & returning players can be entitled to a 1st week sim bonus of 3, regardless of their activity.

All newcomers are entitled to this.

Returning players may not use this more than twice a year.

Wrestler 'Type' Changes

You may change your wrestler type at any time by submitting a request to The Powerbase.

Once a card is posted, no request will be processed until after the card has completed.

Sim Penalties

The first recourse we will use in terms of penalties for breaking SIM rules will be an adjustment of -1 to your Activity Bonus for the next week.

Penalties will be cumulative (do it eight times and get a -8.) They CAN go into the negatives, and it WILL hurt your sim results for the rest of the week. Do it late in the week, and we'll enforce it through the end of the next week.