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Special Events


Superstar History

Title Introduction

Federation X Launch January 29, 2003 Samite The Mad Bomber PPV: Master Of The Ropes
Federation X RE-Launch October 28, 2008 Samite Johnny B Rude PPV: Helter Skelter

Longest Title Reign

Storm Warning May 12, 2009 Storm Emissary  
PPV: King Of The Cage July 29, 2009 Alan Scott Storm Title Reign lasted 78 days

Most Title Reigns

  1. Samite ~ 6
  2. NightHawk ~ 3
  3. Acid Ed ~ 2
  4. Gilgamesh ~ 2
  5. Aaron Action ~ 2

RE-Launch Title History

PPV: Helter Skelter October 28, 2008 Samite Johnny B Rude Tournament Finals
Storm Warning November 10, 2008 Chance Samite Main Event match
Storm Warning December 2, 2008 Omega Chance Used Match Veto for shot
PPV: The Last Resort December 30, 2008 Chance Omega  
Storm Warning January 22, 2009 HourFather Chance  
PPV: Master Of The Ropes January 30, 2009 Marlowe HourFather  
X-Treme Fury March 6, 2009 OV Terror Marlowe  
PPV: King Of Harts March 24, 2009 Johnny B Rude OV Terror  
X-Treme Fury May 5, 2009 Emissary Johnny B Rude Rude playing Vulgar
Storm Warning May 12, 2009 Storm Emissary  
PPV: King Of The Cage July 29, 2009 Alan Scott Storm KoTC Finals - Tower Of Doom
Storm Warning August 11, 2009 vacated Alan Scott Vacated because of multiple titles rule (XF)
Storm Warning August 11, 2009 Homicide 7 other Superstars Blind Man's Draw Lumberjack match
PPV: Affliction August 26, 2009 Battlestone Homicide Hell In A Cell
Storm Warning September 1, 2009 Nate Daniels Battlestone 60 minute Iron Man match
PPV: Reckless Intent September 29, 2009 Angelica Nate Daniels I Quit Match
Storm Warning October 6, 2009 Kitty Hawke Angelica Falls Count Anywhere Match
Storm Warning November 3, 2009 Aaron Action Kitty Hawke Last man standing match
Storm Warning January 19, 2010 Royal Ryan Scott Aaron Action & Emissary Triple Threat Amusement Park match
Polarity House Show January 24, 2010 stripped Royal Ryan Scott Stripped when he would not sign a contract with Fed X
PPV: Abduction! January 26, 2010 Aaron Action Kieran Crowe Aaron wins but is badly injured in the process
Polarity House Show January 30, 2010 stripped Aaron Action Stripped when Aaron goes on IR
PPV:Dark Dominion February 23, 2010 Stryfe Angelica & Gilgamesh Stryfe wins tournament
Storm Warning April 20, 2010 Gilgamesh Stryfe Taipei Death Match
PPV: Sponsor Wars May 26, 2010 Faith Gilgamesh TLC Match
Storm Warning June 2, 2010 Johnny B Rude Faith Best of 3 falls match
PPV: Affliction June 29, 2010 Kieran Crowe Johnny B Rude Title v Title match
Storm Warning July 20, 2010 Eve Riley Kieran Crowe Last minute sub for Shaun Justice
        Belt suspended August 1 - 28
Storm Warning August 31, 2010 Stan Daniels Eve Riley Triple threat with Michael Kashmir
PPV: Damnation! October 27, 2010 Genocide Stan Daniels Iron Man match
Storm Warning December 14, 2010 Valentine Genocide Christmas Charity match
Ground Zero January 25, 2011 Stan Daniels Valentine Pure Wrestling match