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Scoring Formula

All match results will be held under this formula...

While we will ALWAYS recognize that dominating simulator performances deserve to win, we are a company dedicated to the concept of exceptional roleplaying efforts. As a result, we will be using a simple, yet effective formula to ensure that there is balance in all matches. You will be assessed points for your five best posts of a match, and will also get points for your wins. Do not confuse this with a 50/50 rule. It isn't. You earn up to 4 points for each wrestling win, and are graded on a scale that maxes out at 5 points for truly great flashes. In short, a dominating wrestling performance cannot be overcome by 5 great flashes.

However, a relatively close one can....unless the opponent counters with great flashes of their own.

EVERYONE: this means you don't get a night off. EVER. Put in your effort, or you will lose.

The Sim Result Scale:

  • [0] Loss or Double Count-out or Time Limit Draw
  • [1] DQ or Count Out victory
  • [2] Pin, Submission, KO, Escaping the Cage, Climbing Ladder & Busting opponent open
  • [3] Finisher
  • [4] Injury

The Roleplay Scale:

  • [0] Terrible Effort - Doesn't even approach acceptable for the judge's standards.
  • [1] Poor Effort - A very basic post that does little to achieve the judge's standards.
  • [2] Weak Effort - Some of the judge's standards are addressed, though to little success.
  • [3] Average Effort. - In all areas it shows awareness of the judge's standards and pursues them.
  • [4] Good Effort - Improvement on the average post by achieving all of the judge's standards effectively.
  • [5] Exceptional Effort - Exceeds the judge's standards and is a superior work of writing in all ways.