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Rankings System

The history...

Unless you have had the (mis)fortune to have played in iMAW, iPWL, CGW, M.A.W. (CB version), M.A.W. (RW version) under Grayson, or the original Federation X it is very unlikely that you have ever encountered a manner of title contention tracking quite like the Federation X RANKINGS SYSTEM. Below is the comprehensive (and it does take some time to read and grasp) explanation of what it is and how it functions in your best interests. All you need to know is this: if you work with it you will have a level of control over your character's destiny in title situations unlike anything else in the game today.

What is it?

The Rankings System is a unique format that allows players to have a greater degree of control over their title situations. Players that embrace it and use it as the tool that it was built to be will find that they are able to have a greater number of title shots, and that those shots are at the titles that they are pursuing, and not at the ones which it is convenient for them to be booked in. In this system players are ranked in a single title division (two if they perform as a tag team), and on a minimum (we will obviously do more if there are more ranking matches) bi-weekly basis that ranking is updated. At any time a check of the most recent rankings will reveal the player's current standing in their chosen title division. Players may then issue one challenge against the person ranked above them. Win and they move up, lose and they do not advance. Once a challenge has been issued, they may not issue another one until after the next rankings are posted.

How does my division get chosen?

The beauty of this system is that, as previously stated, it gives you complete control over the direction of your character (with the sole exception being the HARBINGER Title where you may be forced out of the division if you are above 55% for 5 consecutive days) and his title aspirations. You choose which division to participate in, and may change divisions at any time by simply notifying a member of the Powerbase of that decision. Once we have been notified, you will be moved on the very next update of the rankings to the division of your choice. Unless you are the Number One contender in the division you're leaving (more on that later) you will enter the new division at the bottom.

How do Ranking matches work?

Once a new Title Rankings is posted, all a player has to do in order to attempt to move up in the standings for their chosen title division is to follow a simple three step routine.

  1. Post on the RP Board, playing out your challenge. Title must include 'Rankings Match' in it
  2. After you make the challenge on the RP Board you must sim a best two out of three match against the person who is in the slot above you. (The match must be simmed within 30 minutes. You must win two out of three to count a victory.
  3. You must roleplay the WIN/LOSS within 1 hr of the matches being simmed. You must have 'WIN' or 'LOSS' in the title of the result RP.

If you win, you move up. Otherwise it is considered a defeat. In any event, regardless of the outcome, you must now wait until new Rankings are posted before you initiate another challenge. Not to worry, the more often you take advantage of the system and issue challenges, the more often they will be updated. No Ranking challenges may be performed for a position which is scheduled to be CONTESTED FOR on a card from the posting of that card until after the Title Rankings update that follows the card results, in order to protect everyone from confusion on a massive scale.

In other words, if the position you want to challenge for is not one that is being contested for on the card, you may challenge for it. Otherwise you wait until the card is over and new Title Rankings come out.

You may use one non-standard match in your Ranking challenges.

What does 'contested for' mean?

It means the slot everyone is trying to WIN, not any slots which may be the result of losing a match.

You can win a match and NOT climb the rankings!

That's right. It is possible to win a match and make no progress on your title ladder. It is also possible to lose one match and fall multiple spots on the ladder. This is where tracking rankings gets tricky, so make certain you not only read this part, but that you understand it. Any issues on clarity will not change the outcomes once you start performing in this company.

Winning and not improving occurs when a number of people (all on the ladder in order) make and win Ranking Match challenges during the same Ranking period (a Ranking period is the time from the posting of a new Title Rankings until the next one is issued.) On the Ranking ladder below you will find an example to explain this occurrence:

X-FACTOR Champion: Alan Scott

  1. Eve Riley
  2. Carnage
  3. Punisher
  4. Reverend Future
  5. Rotti
  6. Stuntman Colt Calhoun
  7. Zachary Gervais
  8. Holly
  9. Aaron Action
  10. Mark Davidson

In the event that Punisher issues a challenge and defeats Carnage, and Carnage issues a challenge to Eve Riley and defeats her during the same period, then both men would be entitled to a new ranking. However, that will not happen if Eve Riley issues a non-title challenge to the champion (the details of which are explained under the #1 Contender Clause below) and wins as well. The reason? Simple. Since everyone is entitled to move up, and there is nowhere for anyone to go, everyone stays in the same place.

Losing once and falling multiple spots happens for a very similar reason to winning and not advancing. The reason is that multiple parties below you initiate and win challenges, and you either lose or do not initiate challenges at all during that period. Let's use another example from our fictitious title ladder. Mark Davidson is new to the division and is ranked number ten, so he issues a challenge to Aaron Action (that fat lovable bastard) and wins. Aaron is an active guy, and has already issued a challenge to Holly, whom he defeated. Holly sees this and announces a challenge to Zachary so as not to drop like a stone in the rankings. She wins as well. Zachary also issues a challenge, but Stuntman Colt Calhoun defeats him (as unlikely as this seems.) Zach's fate is then sealed. After all, Mark has earned the #9 slot, and Aaron has earned the #8 slot just like Holly has won the right to the #7 slot. As a non-winner, Zachary drops to the first slot not earned during that period by a wrestler. In this case he would drop from #7 to #10.

The Champion's Clause!

Champions who are able to defend their title successfully over time, MAY, be entitled to cash it in for a shot at a higher belt:

  1. Harbinger Champions who defend 4x successfully may cash their belt in for a shot at the Television Championship
  2. Television Champions who defend 6x successfully may cash their belt in for a shot at the Superstar or X-Factor Championship
  3. Superstar Champions who defend 6x successfully may cash their belt in for a shot at the X-Factor Championship

The Ex-Champion's Clause!

In the event that you lose your title, you have three options available to you:

  1. You may immediately drop into the number one contender's slot for that same title (this is the default)
  2. You may move up to a higher title division, immediately being installed as the number 5 contender to that title
  3. You may, if you choose, drop to the Harbinger Division and be installed as the number 1 contender to that title

The #1 Contender Clause!

The number one contender clause was put in place because in the original genesis of the Rankings, that contender had no way to protect himself from dropping in the rankings like a stone once he got to the top. The clause is very simple. Like everyone else on the Title RANKINGS the number one contenders may challenge somebody once during each period. They may challenge the champion of their division to a non-title match for the purpose of solidifying their position as the number one contender. If they win, the #1 slot may not be claimed by anyone else during that period. If they lose, they fall, just as any other loser would fall.

As a bonus, the number one contender clause also allows any top contender to announce a division change (which must be done on the board in roleplay format with the nature of the announcement in the title of the flash) prior to the end of any period in which they are still the top contender. In doing this, rather than joining the new division of their choice at the bottom of the ladder (as all others do), they are entitled to enter the ladder at three spots above the lowest current ranking or at the number five ranking (whichever is higher.)

The Rotation Clause!

In a division that has encumbents of enormous activity like Eve Riley, Alan Scott, Lasher and others, it can become stagnant for the booker to constantly be providing the same people with title shots, regardless of what the rankings dictate. In an effort to keep things fresh, and because we run one card a week, as opposed to the two we used to run, we have updated this clause. Please read carefully.

Some champions defend their belts weekly and some champions defend their belts bi-monthly,aside from the PPV, we have decided that no contender will receive more than one title shot per month on a Storm Warning or Ground Zero card. That means that there may be weeks when we will book the #2 or potentially even the #3 contender into the title match. We view it as an opportunity to share some title shots amongst the top working players in the game, without devaluing the number one contender's position. That person is first in line for the shot, unless they have already had one that month.

That should mean that as many as twelve different wrestlers may receive title shots each month.

A #1 contender who receives their title shot, and is unsuccessful is immediately dropped to the #3 contenders spot. This is the essence of the original rule, but is still factored in in order to keep the fight for the #1 contendership fresh.

On top of that, if you are lining up for a PPV showdown with the champion, that guarantees you an opportunity to do 'run ins' and to mess with them on cards where you're not scheduled to face them. It can become a great opportunity to tie up the PPV shot at that champion (who gets to choose his challenger on that card!)

How does roleplay factor in?

Obviously this company is all about the high quality roleplay efforts of its employees. As a result of that, once a week (Sunday morning) when the Title Rankings go up there will be adjustments made to the standings based on activity and quality as well. For every quality flash lower than a total of eight in the preceding week, a player will drop one spot on the rankings. Also, to avoid those players who just show up for cards and light the boards up on three or four days, for every day less than six that you flash you will drop one slot in the rankings as well. This is used to ensure that infrequent players are not getting title shots. Simply put, they do not deserve it. We understand that some players will get taken away from the game from time to time, and will suffer unjustly as a result of this rule. The bright side to this is that when that player returns to activity, proper use of this system affords them a quick and effective manner to regain lost ground and surge towards the top once more. Using this system, a drop is a detriment but it does not devastate the career, and can be recovered from.

You win the slot, NOT the right to pass them!

It is important to note that throughout this I have outlined the way that you may earn or win the next 'SLOT' on the rankings ladder. That is because you challenge for the right to take a slot, not to surpass somebody. The difference might seem inconsequential, but it is significant. For instance, if a player goes inactive, is deleted or suspended, you do not automatically move into their slot and then challenge the person above them. In order to maintain simplicity, you still challenge based on the last Title Rankings report. So if that person is listed in the slot above you, you still challenge for that SLOT, even if they got removed from the game in the interim. Obviously you win on a no-contest, but it is still important that the proper steps be taken and that nobody skips them. The rules will be enforced, and challenging for the wrong SLOT will not be permitted under any circumstance.

DO NOT make this mistake!

The man below you on the ladder challenges you in a roleplay and defeats you. He roleplays the finish and claims his right as the new #2 contender. In response you roleplay a challenge to reclaim that #2 contendership. If this happens, he will get the slot and you will drop. Why? Because until a new Title Rankings report comes out, you must challenge for the slot ABOVE your last posted ranking. Which means you need to be fighting the #1 contender, not the person who defeated you. ALWAYS fight the person who was listed above you on the last report issued. ALWAYS.

What about Tag Teams?

Tag teams were added to the rankings to afford the teams who really want to chase those straps the opportunity to do so. In my experience there are often a number of teams, but generally very few who truly covet the straps. Those who do may use the system exactly as singles wrestlers do, with a few exceptions.

  1. Both members of the team must post a roleplay outlining their intent.
  2. As a team they must sim each opponent three times, using no more than two non-standard matches.
  3. Neither team member may use more than three matches.
  4. A result of 4 wins or more means victory.
  5. Both members must also post a results roleplay.

The Superstar Rankings are NOT included in this!

This title is designed to be unique and separate from other divisions in Federation X. Its special rules are listed below:

  1. You ARE in this division without leaving the other singles divisions as long as you are not a champion.
  2. Ranking challenges do not exist in this division. Reranking will take place only after a rolling RP match on a card, or at the end of the week when they are adjusted for activity.
  3. The title is a rolling RP title, and matches are judged on RP quality. No player may post off his own flash without first allowing 2 hours to pass. At that point he may continue as though his opponent had posted.
  4. When a Superstar Champion loses their title they will immediately become the #1 contender to the Television Championship, unless they request to be made the #3 contender to the X-Factor Championship.

The Tag Team X-Citement Rankings are NOT included in this either!

These titles are designed similar to the Superstar division, except that they are for tag teams. The special rules are listed below:

  1. You ARE in this division without leaving the other tag team division, as long as you are not the champions.
  2. Ranking challenges do not exist in this division. Reranking will take place only after a rolling RP match on a card, or at the end of the week when they are adjusted for activity.
  3. The titles are rolling RP titles, and matches are judged on RP quality. No player may post off his own flash without first allowing 2 hours to pass. At that point he may continue as though his opponent(s) had posted.
  4. A team may only post off of itself (one partner off the other) once without waiting the mandatory two hours before continuing.
  5. Tag Team X-Citement Champions are permitted to remain in the Tag Team X-Cellence division as contenders (or champions of course.)
  6. Players may have a different tag team partner in the Tag Team X-Citement Division than they have in the Tag Team X-Cellence Division.
  7. Matches have a 10 post scoring cap/team, and no partner may contribute more than 6 of those posts