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Pure Wrestling Rules

Welcome To Pure Wrestling

The Pure Wrestling 24/7 Championship was born in late November of 2009, as a response to the slowdown in activity in the hardcore division and a number of pure wrestling focused performers who were working in Federation X. The idea was born in a Powerbase conversation in which it was proposed as an angle that might be run for a duration of time, during which the Bloodsport Division would be suspended. We see Pure Wrestling as an interesting twist on the idea of a 24/7 championship, and we hope that it will open competition on a daily basis up to new people. We have a strong formula for the effective use of a 24/7 championship, and under the guise of it being the strictest of wrestling rules that players will fight under, this can be either a dominated title, or one that changes hands frequently. As you play through it from an RP standpoint, remember that in PURE WRESTLING matches the following (normally permitted) is not allowed:

  1. Throwing your opponent over the top rope.
  2. Leaving the ring on purpose.
  3. Closed fist striking.

Pure Wrestling Rules

  1. You may only challenge for the Pure Wrestling Championship if you hold no other singles title
  2. You may only challenge for the Pure Wrestling Championship once per day
  3. For RP purposes it is a 24/7 championship with matches held during the daily Polarity house shows and on Ground Zero
  4. You must follow the steps below:
    1. Post on the RP Board, playing out your challenge. Title must include 'Pure Wrestling Challenge' in it
    2. After you make the challenge on the RP Board you may sim up to four matches against the current Pure Wrestling Champion. The matches must be simmed within 30 minutes of the challenge. If you score 5 points total, you win. Otherwise the champion retains. But note these stipulations:
      1. If you receive a loss by disqualification you automatically lose the challenge (because it means you cheated!)
      2. If you receive a win by disqualification you automatically win the challenge (because it means the champion cheated!)
    3. You must roleplay the WIN/LOSS within 1 hr of the matches being simmed. You must have 'WIN' or 'LOSS' in the title of the result RP.
  5. You may only use any standard matches in your challenge.
  6. If you win in the first two or three matches (achieve 5 points) you are not required to sim the final match(es)
  7. You may not challenge for the title once it has been booked to be defended on an upcoming card. You must wait until after the results for that card are posted before you challenge for it
  8. There is no rematch clause built into this title
  9. Ex-champions are promoted by default decision of the Powerbase, unless they make a request on the Admin board. They are promoted as follows:
    1. Those put into the X-Factor Division will be slotted in at #5
    2. Those put into the X-Ecutioner Division will be slotted in at #3
    3. Those put into the Harbinger Division will be slotted in at #1
    4. All of them will enter the Superstar Division at #5