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Special Events


Max Entropy Invitational

Format: The Max Entropy Invitational format changes each and every time that it is hosted, but is always a straight roleplay challenge, usually conforming to either a rolling roleplay style or a rewrite style. Competitors are identified a week prior to the competition and given the details of the format and scenario at that time.

Scenario: Each time the scenario changes.

Participants: This event can include up to five entrants, depending on the timing of the competition. The annual version which takes place during the Sponsor Wars competition each May has had four entrants each time.

Judging: A panel of judges will be put together prior to each event, and their judging criteria can be found on the site for players to review. This panel will be comprised of experienced commissioners and former commissioners, as well as qualified past finalists from The Max Entropy Invitational.

Prizes: During the Sponsor Wars event the winner not only wins points, but also an official seed in the King of Wrestling Tournament.

History: The creation