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Special Events


King of Wrestling

Format: The King Of Wrestling is a rolling roleply, single elimination tournament hosted by Federation X once per year in the month of July. Each match is three days in length, with a scoring cap of three posts per day for each competitor. The tournament does not permit competitors to post off of themselves unless they have waited two hours.

Scenario: It's all in the name. The King of Wrestling is a competition based around wrestling matches, and each year will focus specifically on different match types. While each round may have a variation on that type, or challenge participants to redefine what constitutes that type of match, there will not be any scavenger hunts or rock band competitions. To win this one, you're going to have to fight.

Participants: Up to 16 top performers are invited to compete in the tournament each year by the selection committee, and there are no restriction regarding the gaming site they play on with regards to these invitations. Of the 16 slots in the event, 4 are initially reserved annually for invitations to be extended to 'legends' of the game, while the top 6 are expected to be given to 6 champions. Any unaccepted invitations will then be filled by selected performers from the host federation.

Seeding: Of the 16 participants, the 6 champions and 2 others will be invited into the event in a specified seeding. As the top 8 seeds they will be given the opportunity to draft their first round opponents.

Judging: A panel of judges will be put together prior to each event, and will post their judging criteria on the site for players to review. This panel will be comprised of experienced commissioners and former commissioners, as well as qualified past finalists from The King of Wrestling. Every effort will be made to provide judges from multiple gaming sites in the event that participants from multiple sites are involved.

Prizes: A winner takes all prize will be announced prior to each tournament.

History: The First Year