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One of the traditions that has grown over the years is the urge for players to gain, or grow their HEAT with somebody through a process known as an INT (short for interference) in a particular opponent's match. Here in Federation X we not only support that process, but we openly encourage it. With that said, we do monitor and control the nature of INTs in so far as they are able to impact the outcome of any given match. Unless the match stipulations say otherwise there is no match in which you cannot insert yourself as a roleplay device, but if you wish to actually impact the outcome of the match you have to follow the INT rules as outlined below. No exceptions will be made.

  1. You may only INT in 1 match per card
  2. The match stipulations must allow it
  3. You must post a quality RP to set it up
  4. You must sim within 20 minutes of posting your RP
  5. You must post your results
  6. INT points are given out based on your results
  7. Absolutely NO reverse INTs!

Moving Chain

You may only INT in 1 match per card

Unless you are advised otherwise by a Powerbase member, a ruling or a special reward, you may only INT once on any given card.

The match stipulations must allow it

Each match includes in its stipulations a ruling on whether or not INT is allowed in that match, and potentially details regarding the nature of INT that is allowed. Any INT you wish to do in that match must follow all conditions left by the booker, as well as those rules laid out here. When the two sets of conditions are in conflict, the booker's conditions take priority.

You must post a quality RP to set it up

The definition of a quality roleplay is that your post must be at least 600 words, include the words "INT FOR [insert name here]" at the top of the post prior to the actual roleplay, and it must actually reflect the nature of your INT. That is to say that if you are INTing on behalf of one opponent against another, your roleplay must reflect that (more on this later.) It also has to contain within it some plausible reason why it should actually be considered interference in the match. Whie you can get creative and not actually physically interfere in the match, a post about eating hot dogs backstage won't be considered a quality INT against anyone.

You must sim within 20 minutes of posting your RP

In addition to having to sim in a timely fashion following your roleplay portion, your sim must also take place on a day which is considered legal for the card. You may not rp at 11:59pm on the last day of the card and sim at 12:01am of the next day. You may sim the match using any match type, so long as it does not put you over your limit for non-standard matches for that day.

You must post your results

In order to count, your results must be posted. Failure to post your results in the event of a loss will lead to a SIM BONUS penalty for the following week.

INT points are given out based on your results

Points assigned for an INT are based on the Scoring Formula, and the match judge has the right to add a bonus of +1 to any INT that was 1,000 words and they feel added positively to the ongoing story of the match. This bonus point is SOLELY at the judge's discretion. If the INT failed, the bonus points for the sim go to the opponent of the person you tried to help. If it succeeded they go to the person you interfered for. In either case any bonus point awarded goes to the person you INT on behalf of.

Absolutely NO reverse INTs!

Under no circumstances will an INT be allowed in which you RP one set of actions and sim a different one. If you attack Person X, and sim Person Y the INT will be thrown out, and you will receive a SIM BONUS penalty for the next week.