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Special Events


Harbinger 2


For a long time lightweight championships floated around various other sights we have been on (CSlam, Wrassle, Ring Wars, CyberBrawls) and often the determining factor was what your winning ratio was for that month. It was designed as a belt for people who were losing frequently on the sim, which often meant that the champion would only hold it for a short period of time before they lost it, or were forced to resign it and move to a more competitive division. Something about that did not sit right with many players, so after much discussion a new solution has been proposed. All participants in the Harbinger Division, typically a division resevred for newcomers who will need time ot get up to speed and the sim bonus range that will allow them to be competitive in the Television or X-Factor divisions, are capped in the sim bonus they may recieve. It's very straightforward:

Harbinger Rules

  1. Regardless of activity, anyone in the Harbinger Division is capped at a sim bonus of 3.
  2. Anyone may ask out of, or into the division at any time - at which time their sim bonus will be appropriately adjusted.
  3. Anyone asking in will enter the division at #5, unless they are already a #1 contender elsewhere, in which case they will enter as the #1 contender.