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Special Events



Weekly Events...

Ground Zero 3

72 Hours ~ Every 2nd week, starting Wednesday at 12:01am and running until Friday at 11:59pm

The X-Factor, Television, & Superstar Championships will be defended.

Storm Warning 2

72 Hours ~ Every 2nd week, starting Wednesday at 12:01am and running until Friday at 11:59pm

The X-Factor, Television, & World Tag Team Championships will be defended.


24 to 48 Hours ~ Times and dates set at the time of booking.

Hosted for special events as required.

NOTE: If you have any match request send them to us. Not all matches will be booked but we will do what we can for you and help out in any angles that we can. Storm Warning and Ground Zero run on opposite weeks.

Monthly PPVs...

Pay Per View names:

  1. Abduction
  2. Dark Dominion
  3. Legacy
  4. Anarky
  5. Sponsor Wars
  6. Affliction
  7. King Of Wrestling
  8. Rising Sun
  9. Goldrush
  10. Damnation!
  11. Clash
  12. New Year's Evil

Other event notes...

Other Special Events: We may come up with something from time to time that we may want to run. Likewise, we are open to your ideas. Submit an idea and we just may let you run it.

Matches on the cards/PPV are made based on the activity on the boards and the rankings. If you wish a different match than the one your angle is suggesting or a second match on the card, make a request on the OOC board with the information about the match you want. The PPV is the one card where the title belt is not defended against a top contender, and is defended based on the champion's heat. Other exceptions may arise as we determine them.

If you are booked on a card, show up. WE HATE NO SHOWS! If you are booked on a card, and know in advance that you can not make it : TELL US!!! We will work out a solution.

ALL WRESTLERS IN MATCHES are required to at LEAST do one post about the match, in which they get to the ring. Failure to do so by the end of the second day of the card will get you disqualified.

NOTE: This does not take into consideration that you can't control the uncontrollable i.e. CPU trouble, connection trouble ect. If this is the case you need to notify us ASAP.

After each event, the match that is the most entertaining in our eyes will be named the Match of The Card. Strive for this as it could lead to a nomination for the MONSTER MATCH X-EMPLARY AWARD!

One last thought...

If you don't like the way you're booked....BLAME YOURSELF. You could have requested a match!