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Bloodsport Rules

Welcome To Bloodsport

The Bloodsport 24/7 Championship was born just prior to the original launch of Federation X back in October of 2002. During that time a couple of feds were already running hot and heavy with a hardcore championship, and a few had even tried to find a working formula for a 24/7 version, much as the WWE were doing in that time. we believed then, and we believe now, that we have such a formula. The Bloodsport Championship is arguably the hardest working championship in the game because there is no such thing as an off week, or down time. You could log in at any time to find that your championship was around somebody else's waist. You not only have to be defending it at every Storm Warning, but also at every opportunity that and other performer in the company desires. Succeed, and you can build a reputation on it unlike any other title in the sport. One man did that with tremendous cunning, and defined both the title and the challengers by his dominance of a division that others dared to look down upon. Now that challenge can be yours. Find out how...

Bloodsport Rules

  1. You may only challenge for the Bloodsport Championship if you hold no other singles title
  2. You may only challenge for the Bloodsport Championship once per day
  3. For RP purposes it is a 24/7 falls count anywhere championship
  4. You must follow the steps below:
    1. Post on the RP Board, playing out your challenge. Title must include 'Bloodsport Challenge' in it
    2. After you make the challenge on the RP Board you may sim up to four match against the current BloodSport Champion. The matches must be simmed within 30 minutes of the challenge. If you score 5 points total, you win. Otherwise the champion retains.
    3. You must roleplay the WIN/LOSS within 1 hr of the matches being simmed. You must have 'WIN' or 'LOSS' in the title of the result RP.
    4. Failure to RP the loss will result in a TWO week ban from title matches.
  5. You may use any match types you like, but you may NOT exceed the limit of two non-standard matches/day and you may not use the same non-standard match type twice.
  6. If you win in the first two or three matches (achieve 5 points) you are not required to sim the final match(es)
  7. You may not challenge for the title once it has been booked to be defended on an upcoming card. You must wait until after the results for that card are posted before you challenge for it
  8. There is no rematch clause built into this title
  9. Holding this belt does not remove you from contention for other belts, nor must you vacate it if you win another belt